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14 November 2018 | Posted by Digital Analytics Team

Programmatic what?

Programmatic advertising has been one of the hottest topics within the online field during the past years. Some are placing it as the future of online advertising, indeed it has changed the whole online advertising buying system. But still, for most of the people, programmatic advertising remains a bit blurry, so here we are today, about to explain you the simplest way what is programmatic advertising.

So? What it programmatic advertising?

In simple words it is an online buying system that allow marketers to reach their target audience. It is the use of a software that purchase digital advertising space, this software is automated and is able to optimize the quality of the audience, when to target them and through which device platforms. To summarize, it is very useful for marketers to save time and the most important - to sell you more and more product as their audience is better targeted thanks to programmatic systems.

But how it is different from the good old way?

Back in the time, online advertising space used to be bought through RFPs (Request for Proposal), human negotiations and manual insertions on the websites. Obviously, it wasn’t the fastest way to do it. What is more, programmatic advertising focuses more on the quality of the audience, indeed these automated machines are data informed and driven which implies a much more comprehensive way to buy digital advertising space. Finally, before programmatic, ad space used to be bought and sold by human buyers and sales people whom are more expensive and not 100% reliable either. Humans get to disappoint, machines don’t. 

What are the benefits of programmatic advertising?

As we mentioned already, it is super-efficient. It offers a precise targeting, scale and transparency. Also, it helps publishers selling their inventory easily and advertisers to buy media, it manages the whole process, it buys the impressions one by one and evaluate the value for the advertiser and finally it aims at showing the best ad, to the right person, at the right moment on the right device and all of this, at the right price. 

So - are you seduced? How couldn’t you be??


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