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12 November 2012 | Posted by International Editorial Team

And the winner of our Halloween Photocontest is...

That's it, we have a winner! His name is Luis Borrallo, and his creative zombie make up was a total success. He managed to gather 173 votes. According to our Halloween Photocontest terms and conditions, an expert jury from La Salle Campus Barcelona would choose the winner costume among the 5 pictures with the highest amount of votes. This time, jury and public totally agreed. We listened to your opinion and chose the most voted pic. These were the other nominees: 2. Joaquín Romero, with 93 votes. 3. Pepi Roncero, with 63 votes. 4. Five equal competitors met at 4th position in the rank, each one with 16 votes:  Sergio Mateo, Estrella Sánchez, Eva Romero, Chari Araujo and Dolores Román. 5. Noelle Pm, with 13 votes. We will contact Luis via email to send him a fancy set of products from La Salle Universities. Congratulations! We thank all contestants! Each and everyone of you contributed to a funny and terrific Halloween!  See you again next year, in the second edition of Halloween Photocontest at  La Salle Campus Barcelona! Follow us on Facebook!


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