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25 October 2012 | Posted by International Editorial Team

Connect to La Salle BCN today and become an International Engineer!

Did you know... ... engineering is one of the highest paid professions all over the world? ... there's a shortage of engineers in developing countries? And also in Germany, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and the USA? ... you can study an international Engineering Degree in Barcelona, one of the coolest and most fascinating cities in the world? Don't miss our Online Informative Session for bachelors in Engineering today! You'll be able to ask for information in English on any of these ITC Engineering programs:

Online Informative Session will take place at 18:00 GMT+1. We look forward meeting you online!!! What do you need to get on line with the Informative Sessions?

  1. A PC with broadband connection.
  2. To have your loudspeakers or headphones on.

How to connect to the Informative Sessions?

  1. Request an informative session to sia@salleurl.edu indicating which program you would like to inform.
  2. Once you have confirmed your assistance, we’ll send you a link in which you will be able to connect without downloading any special program.
  3. Introduce your name to enter as a guest.

Want to learn more about our ITC Engineering Bachelor programs? Download the brochure!


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