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08 March 2023 | Posted by Editorial Team DS4DS

5 women in AI development

In recent times, women have ventured more frequently into the field of engineering, one of the most booming careers internationally. However, female enrollment continues to grow slowly.

For this reason, more and more research groups (especially the Smart Society group of La Salle University - Ramon Llull) incorporate new women into their team, who motivate new generations every day to opt for this type of of professional career. According to Hill et al. (2010), one of the factors that has inspired many women to choose engineering careers is having examples of successful women in this field of knowledge.

The most recent addition to the La Salle Smart Society research group is PhD. Elva Ramos; that together with PhD. Elisabet Golobardes, PhD. Miriam Calvo and doctoral students Jessie Martín and Nuria Valls form 5 key points in the development of Artificial Intelligence in Society.

Hill, C., Corbett, C. & St. Rose, A (2010). Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. American Association of University Women


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