International Business Administration students share their adventures and experiences at La Salle Campus Barcelona. Not to be missed!

22 May 2010 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

The Rational behind La Salle Life Experience

"Let's have fun"

La Salle Business Engineering School BES launches a sustained intentional conversation dubbed the “Life Experience.” The goal of this type of dialogical voyage is to promote sense of intellectual connection across the campus and into the community. This year the discourse is on “Mapping the Future, Sharing the World”.

Students from the Business Administration degree at La Salle with more than 32 different nationalities agreed in “Mapping the Future, Sharing the World” for the first “Life Experience” thematic conversations with the goal to promote campus cultures. We all benefit from mutual points of reference, a common intellectual foundation and a communal historical context.

Among all the initiatives, professors from the Business Administration Degree from Colombia, Ireland, United States and many other countries are teaching not only to business students but also engineers to share initiatives with students from several countries and backgrounds. A shared experience allows us to carry on an intelligent conversation, a deliberate dialogue on big and difficult questions, and perhaps anticipate and avoid the barriers that ensue from having nothing in common.

At La Salle Campus, for the second year we will have the International Food Day, the Thanksgiving Dinner, the United Nations Model Dinner and several activities and conferences where domestic and international students and professors interact invigorating the educational process. With our Life Experience program, to imagine a scenario in which students, faculty, and staff, and community members taste food from all over the world, reads about other students’ countries holidays and history enriches students’ international experience and focuses on humanity’s relationship to nature as that relatedness connects to how we treat each other and a highly competitive world.

Initiatives as the following ones enhance domestic and international awareness of other countries and opens a new world of connections and opportunities among themselves.


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