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18 March 2024 | Posted by Editorial Team DS4DS

Dr. Míriam Calvo Gómez is promoted to Associate Professor at Universitat Ramon Llull

March 15 marked a milestone for Dr. Míriam Calvo Gómez and for all of us at Universitat Ramon Llull. A panel of experts, convened by our Rector, Dr. Josep Antoni Rom Rodríguez, gathered to evaluate Dr. Calvo Gómez's application to become an Associate Professor. The tribunal was composed of figures such as Dr. Lluís Garrido Beltran, Dr. Elisabet Golobardes Ribé, and Dr. María Aránzazu de Oyanguren Campos.

After reviewing her impressive career, teaching and research proposal, and a round of questions and answers, they approved her promotion. This achievement is more than just a change of title for Dr. Calvo Gómez; it is recognition of her dedication, effort, and invaluable contribution to the academic and educational field.

We are tremendously excited for her and eager to see how her leadership and experience continue to enrich our community. Congratulations, Dr. Calvo Gómez!


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