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18 January 2009 | Posted by Equipo Editorial de UX

Entertainment related companies in Spain

Dear all,

Here you are some stuff regarding the Spanish/European entertainment market. Let me introduce you some of the videogame companies working in Spain. You might contact them this year at GDC ( Here you are the web links plus some contextual information:

  • Arvirago ( they have both offices in Barcelona and Madrid. The CEO and some of the “seniors” there were former workers at Pyro (a really big studio in Spain…as you will further). There they developed an international blast, Commandos, and all the series beyond ( It seems they have a nice “current” project, The Lord of the Creatures…
  • Revistronic ( a quite old company (alive since the 80’s) located in Madrid, the capital city in Spain. They have several projects but I would say they are quite good at producing graphical adventures (yes, there are still people who want them, fortunately enough :)… Do you remember the Monkey Island saga??? that kind… In addition to that, they seem to like Western genre. They have developed several games based on that “field”, like Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge (
  • Exelweiss ( founded by Jose Vicente-Pons, a “dinosaur producer” of the 8-bits er. Sorry but the website seems to be only in Spanis. They are located in Valencia, on the east coast in Spain.

Please feel free to check more studios of all kinds (tiny, independent…) here:



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