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16 January 2009 | Posted by Equipo Editorial de UX

Welcome to the Multimedia Technologies blog!!!

Dear all,

Welcome to the Multimedia Technologies blog. It has been launched by the Media Technologies Department of La Salle School of Engineering ( at Ramon Llull University ( We started offering Multimedia formation in 1996, for the very first time in Spain, and we are happy to announce that we are also offering the first fully official Multimedia Engineering degree in this country. Plus to that, several master programs related to the field and adapted to the European Higher Education Area and the Bologna scheme (

This blog is intended to inform, entertain, explain and show how the Multimedia Technologies are changing companies, profiles, interests, problem-solving and so on.

Please feel free to submit! And enjoy…

Oscar García Pañella, PhD
Media Technologies Department, La Salle-URL, Barcelona, Spain
Entertainment Technology Center, CMU, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
+1-412-512 4961
Email: /
Web page:
Skype: oscar.garcia.panella
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