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30 November 2022 | Posted by angela.tuduri

PMI: Barcelona Chapter – Believe 2022

The PMI - Barcelona Chapter held the annual event for project management professionals in its on-site venue.

The PMI - Project Management Institute is one of the most recognized entities worldwide on the field of project management; annually, they host an initiative with the firm objective of exploring in depth the industry standards and the project manager profession.   

On the 23rd (virtual) and 24th of November, the meeting was held at La Salle Campus Barcelona University, PMI's main sponsor in Spain. Professionals and management leaders shared their experiences in the area.   

Do you want to find out the highlights of the event? Read on! 

PMI - Project Management Institute   

The Project Management Institute or commonly known as PMI, is a non-profit organization in charge of promoting the knowledge and expertise related to project management and project leadership.   

The industry's largest network offers, through memberships, access to exclusive content, tools, templates and articles that keep project managers up to date on labor resource and competency issues.  

In addition to advancing knowledge in the field, PMI has internationally recognized certifications that support the attributes needed to become an expert in understanding professional perceptions and experiences in the increasingly complex project demands.   

We firmly believe that project management has the power to improve ourselves and the world around us." Sergio Ughetto, PMI President  

Under the theme Believe, the general issues surrounding the project culture were addressed, providing project managers with a broad, global and effective vision of the current processes in the environment.  

Barcelona Chapter   

The Barcelona Chapter is a branch of the Project Management Institute that fosters training and knowledge in project management. Located in the city of Barcelona, it brings together the largest Spanish community of managers.   

It was set up with the aim of spreading business, strategy, leadership and, above all, project management culture and experience. A profession is increasingly in demand both in AECO sectors and in business areas.   

Objectives PMI - Barcelona chapter   

In addition to disseminating and sharing professional experiences, the chapter seeks to expand the community through the following objectives:   

  • Promote, encourage and extend the project manager profession.  

  • Establish professional standards in project management by establishing new methodologies in the profession.  

  • Create a free community in the exchange of ideas and information, providing solutions in the practical application of the sector.   

  • Establish relationships with universities and institutions that support training related to project management.   

In short, the project management institute is responsible for cultivating and disseminating the necessary knowledge for organizations and professionals through the continuous cooperation of its members. 

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Believe 2022  

The topic Believe encouraged attendees to delve into the power of improving the environment through project management. During the two days' seminars and presentations, professionals from the industry were able to speak about their experience in an increasingly complex sector.   

Within the framework of project management, four main axes were addressed:   

  • Believe in yourself. Career orientation, answering current questions or taking off in the profession. Which qualities, therefore, make the difference between project managers? A cross-cutting viewpoint that includes the highlights of the PMI talent triangle: ways of working, power skills and business acumen.  

  • Believe in your team - what are the challenges ahead and how can we ensure a safe environment? Diversity, stability, new technologies... the role of the project manager (among others) is to keep the environment safe and achieve high performing teams.   

  • How does project management change the environment from an environmental, social and sustainability perspective? The complexity of project processes is increasing, and it is the task of the project manager to establish these processes efficiently and effectively.  

  • How can you transform a challenging project into an inspiring one? Increasingly challenging projects invite us to renew and discover new processes and skills to improve the optimization and outcome of projects.   

Among others, Alicia Linares, Ricardo Sastre and Laurentiu Neamtu (professor at La Salle-URL), had the opportunity to participate as speakers and bring to the attendees their vision of constant learning to solve everyday situations, the application of more sustainable systems and processes or the VUCA environment and its need to adapt the approaches to project management.   

The event was held at the University of La Salle Campus Barcelona, official sponsor of PMI. La Salle-URL offers a pioneering training program in the area of Project Management in Spain. In addition, it has been recognized with the double accreditation of the PMI -Global Accreditation Center (GAC) and Authorized Training Partner (ATP)- being the first university center in Spain to achieve it.   


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