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03 December 2019 | Posted by angela.tuduri

Zara's digital marketing

In this article we talk about one of the great brands of the Inditex group, Zara, and how this brand, so recognized worldwide uses digital marketing strategy to grow.

Digital marketing is perceived as the set of strategies used by thousands of brands in order to grow, position themselves in the market, attract customers and increase their revenues. Nowadays thanks to the new ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and the digital transformation we live in an increasingly connected and collaborative world in which marketing strategies are more customizable than ever.   

Most users now browse the internet through mobile phones or computers, being active in digital media and social networks. For brands, engaging in these digital media helps them to attract potential users and implement digital marketing strategies.    

Zara - strategies 2022   

This post will talk about one of the main brands of the Inditex group, Zara, and how this world-renowned brand uses digital marketing to grow and position its strategies in the fast-fashion market. We must take into account that Zara invests only in sales and social networks. It does not focus on press, advertising or radio.   

One of the reasons for the brand to be so well positioned is thanks to its digital marketing and social media strategy. The fashion giant, relying on new technologies and data analysis, obtains constant information about its customers. This allows it to personalize information and stay on top of the latest global trends virtually live.   

Compared to other companies, the analysis process takes 3 to 6 months, while Zara takes only 15 days to access information and renew trends. Just in time" is their key to success. These database reports are essential to be able to modify the first strategies if necessary.    

At Zara, they are constantly renewing their digital marketing strategies and resources. During 2018, in the midst of the technological revolution, the giant announced to its customers a new shopping experience. Through the Zara AR (augmented reality) app, consumers are able to visualize products through virtual models with looks that can be purchased from the App itself or in the physical store you are visiting. A tool that adds value to social networks and allows you to share your own shopping experience.    

Following the innovation path and performance line, Inditex's marketing department proposes a 2022 action plan with new changes and integrations. In February, Inditex's main brand reported its next objectives and strategies. Among them are the pursuit of climate neutrality (products manufactured under Join Life standards), technological innovations, first collaborations and new influencer marketing strategies.    

Among its main tactics, the one that most surprises its consumers is the collaboration and use of influencers for digital practices in social networks. Zara has never needed to employ such strategies, as word of mouth was its biggest promotion. This 2022 we will be able to see for the first time brand advertising on social networks through major influencers. What will Zara's first influencers be like?   

Leading the digital landscape   

Using social media is probably one of the best strategies to follow in the current environment. For Zara, entering these platforms was not very difficult. In terms of social networks, it totals 52 Million followers on Instagram, 30 Million followers on Facebook, and 1.5 Million followers on Twitter. As we can see, Zara has a very strong activity in social networks: publications every day, around 30,000 likes per publication, constant instastories with the latest fashion trends...   

Social networks are one of Zara's strong points. In their profiles, users are aware of the brand and interact with it. The Galician company shares content with a large number of users. With a solid inbound marketing strategy they are able to share photos and videos that generate viral interactions with their products.  

The consumer-brand relationship is solid and constant. Not a day goes by when both Zara and its users do not communicate and interact with each other. The company maintains a constant daily rhythm through digital media.    

Keys to success   

Zara has been able to position itself in the digital world. The Galician fast fashion brand uses marketing actions that place it as a technological reference, creative in terms of collections and avant-garde. In addition, its positioning in search engines is also unique.   

Always appearing in the first position, they make it easier for users to find what they are looking for on the official website without getting lost. A company that defines its keys to success in:    

  • Quality   

  • Time   

  • Price   

They are present throughout the digital sphere. Zara offers a unique shopping experience in its stores, both physical and virtual with content and products updated to new trends. Design is also a very important element to attract the public and Zara clearly takes this element into account. Its website is attractive, eye-catching, pleasant, and intuitive for the user.    

The Inditex group is transforming its brand. Now, you can discover in its stores new lines of business with beauty products, user experiences through augmented reality and integration of its stores, with the example of Massimo Dutti and Uterqüe. Inditex's marketing department invests heavily in its digital strategies, and that is its differentiating aspect. Digital advertising in the types of social networks and media is one of its strongest points.   

Digital marketing is experiencing a boom moment. Brands, after the pandemic, are aware of the need to include their businesses in the digital ecosystem to offer a greater experience to their users and reach further through advertising strategies and content on social networks. 

Digital Marketing Education   

Digital marketing formation has increased a lot in the last years. The need for professionals capable of integrating the ecosystem of a company in the digital landscape is also growing.    

Knowing the strategies to drive your business and offer the user experience and unique spaces is the task of the marketing manager. The manager will know how to manage the digital business, increase brand awareness and use the necessary tools to achieve it. Do you want to train with a master's degree in digital marketing in Barcelona?    

In La Salle Campus Barcelona we offer masters and specialization courses for you to prepare your digital future and become a professional in the sector. With the Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management you will learn to plan and manage successful online marketing campaigns from the perspective of analytical, strategic and operational marketing, as well as multichannel.    

If you prefer to specialize in specific areas such as social selling or social networks, La Salle URL has courses and programs in the area of digital marketing for you to learn as you need. With the Postgraduate in Digital Content Creation & Social Selling you will understand the need to integrate strategic content for the business in the main business platforms and social networks.    

The evolution of digital marketing is opening new doors in digital business. In an increasingly connected world, stand out your brand from the rest with strategies and unique content. 


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