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28 February 2009 | Posted by Equipo Editorial de UX

Did you ever dream on controling a videogame with your mind?

It seems to be possible with this peripheral. The NIA - Neural Impulse Actuator from OCZ Technology checks your biosignals and triggers events based on them. It seems to be binary, in the sense that it turns on or off processes, but even this way it might be fun and enjoyable.

The device can be used as a reflex monitoring tool. In fact, reflexes occur really fast, even before we consciously notice them. Using reflexes as control mechanisms can be helpful if we are interested in avoiding accidents, for instance. Let's say that I'm driving, I get scared because I was about to fall asleep and my car was approaching to the side, my reflexes tell the device (before I do!) and it stops the car automatically. It doesn't sound too bad :).

Thanks to Francesc Pinyol Margalef for this link.


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