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08 March 2021 | Posted by Editorial Team DS4DS

The incorporation of women in the technology sector

In these times, digital transformation is almost an obligation for any sector interested in prospering and creating a future for the next generations. Any productive sector that contains a digital component makes it a "technology sector". And it is precisely in this sector where, despite the challenge that the digital transformation itself poses, it has a greater challenge: "Diversity."

Specifically in the computer engineering sector, the numbers of female students are below the European average. Let's look at the graphs where they show us this disparity.

That is why every day companies and universities promote STEM vocations and promote equity and inclusion policies for female talent. For the publication of this news on this special day, the magazine has had the presence of relevant figures (both in companies and in universities) who promote these equality policies, among them Prof. Dr. Elisabet Golobardes (member of DS4DS) , which is an example to follow in their fight for equal rights and opportunities for women.

Read more at:

or download PDF (below the image)

Computer Engineering Students in Universitat Ramon Llull (course 18/19)

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